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Rectal-Cranial Inversion Moment of the Day | Nealz Nuze | www.boortz.com

Charles Rangel photo

Charles Rangel

By Neal Boortz

Charlie Rangel has managed to make the current debate over spending cuts into a racial issue.  Why am I not surprised?  It was bound to happen sooner or later.  Yesterday on the House floor, Rangel had this to say

“And so many African-Americans, for reasons that I do not have to go into, have sought public service as a way of life because of the security that’s involved in it.  And so, when we talk about cutting the budget and cutting the services that are provided, we’re talking about a larger number of minorities that would be losing their jobs as a result of budget cutting.”

He goes on to explain the liberal logic behind cutting government spending: 

“Please understand that every time we cut in the budget, we’re cutting someone’s job, and they will join the helpless and unemployed.”

 Well … Rangel does make one interesting point.  Many of these people who work for the Imperial Federal Government would be pretty much helpless and remain unemployed without their government jobs.  It’s pretty sad when the only work open to you is with government.  I guess Rangel is saying that the more highly educated and qualified workers out there remain in the private sector.  No doubt he’s right.  

Too bad Rangel doesn’t realize that it is not the function of the federal government to provide jobs for the marginally employable.  In the end, if these folks lose their jobs it would be because their jobs are not essential.

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Grand Lake Appraiser 918.261.8886

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How Much Money is Spent on Fireworks at Grand Lake?

It has to just be a crazy amount of money.  Like easily approaching a million dollars.

The amount of money spent on fireworks at Grand Lake Oklahoma is really kind of embarrassing.

Imagine if there wasn't a recession.  Imagine of those people actually had to pay bills and such, or worry about keeping or getting a job.

Apparently the recession hasn't come to Grand Lake, yet.
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Grand Lake Oklahoma Algae Bloom 2011

More good stuff on the Grand Lake Oklahoma Algae bloom of 2011.

Not good, people.

There are those with specific economic motives telling people the water is fine, or at least as fine as it's ever been, come on in…

Then there are scientists and experts telling people to stay the hell away.

Very interesting, indeed….
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Grand Lake Algae Bloom

Grand Lake Oklahoma is open for the July 4th weekend, but people are strongly discouraged from swimming and the like.

The blue/green algae has really put a damper on lake plans for the weekend as GRDA strongly advises to not have any physical contact with the water.

But the Fireworks shows will go on, and the Grand Lake Algae Bloom hopefully won't put any more people in the hospital.
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Malaysia Airlines: No more infants in 1st class on jumbo jets

Malaysia Airlines has banned babies in the first-class sections of its Boeing 747-400 jets. It also plans to do the same in its yet-to-be-delivered Airbus A380 superjumbo jets, according to the Australian Business Traveller.

The publication reports Malaysia Airlines CEO Tengku Azmil says the carrier is responding to complaints from first-class passengers about crying infants.

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Azmil, who conducted a back-and-forth with an Australian Business Traveller reporter via Twitter, says the first-class passenger complaints center on the fact that they “spend money on 1st class and can’t sleep due to crying infants.”

Australian Business Traveller notes Malaysia Airlines’ 747-400s fly long-haul routes between Kuala Lumpur and Sydney, London and Amsterdam. The carrier will deploy its A380s on those routes next year as it takes delivery of those aircraft, according to the publication.

As for Malaysia Airlines’ A380s, the carrier expects to take delivery of its first one next June, according to the Malaysian news agency Bernama.

CEO Azmil tells Bernama the A380 will be the “best MAS (Malaysia Airlines) would have on its fleet.”

Australian Business Traveller
says Malaysian Airlines will configure its A380s “with 508 seats — 50 more than Qantas and second only to Lufthansa and Air France in maxing out the super-jumbo’s capacity.”

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