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Charles Rangel photo

Charles Rangel

By Neal Boortz

Charlie Rangel has managed to make the current debate over spending cuts into a racial issue.  Why am I not surprised?  It was bound to happen sooner or later.  Yesterday on the House floor, Rangel had this to say

“And so many African-Americans, for reasons that I do not have to go into, have sought public service as a way of life because of the security that’s involved in it.  And so, when we talk about cutting the budget and cutting the services that are provided, we’re talking about a larger number of minorities that would be losing their jobs as a result of budget cutting.”

He goes on to explain the liberal logic behind cutting government spending: 

“Please understand that every time we cut in the budget, we’re cutting someone’s job, and they will join the helpless and unemployed.”

 Well … Rangel does make one interesting point.  Many of these people who work for the Imperial Federal Government would be pretty much helpless and remain unemployed without their government jobs.  It’s pretty sad when the only work open to you is with government.  I guess Rangel is saying that the more highly educated and qualified workers out there remain in the private sector.  No doubt he’s right.  

Too bad Rangel doesn’t realize that it is not the function of the federal government to provide jobs for the marginally employable.  In the end, if these folks lose their jobs it would be because their jobs are not essential.

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