Government School Analogy

Oh yeah … here I go again.  Hammering on government education.  Just what is it going to take for me to get through to you about these government schools and the teachers unions who run them?  These government schools were designed not to create men of letters but to produce a blue-collar society just educated to the point that they will be able to follow instructions from their bosses and managers and to not be able to filter through the rhetoric of their political masters to see the truth.  Thus, you will enjoy this analogy from Jack Curtis in the American Thinker:

A president of the Chamber of Commerce described the public schools with perfect justice as 1930’s style industrial plants. Like early auto production, they invest heavily to collect labor and work from all over into one place. Teachers still teach by explaining things to every student face to face. That’s like assembling Model T’s with wrenches.  Automakers moved on to reduce labor with automation and to reduce inventory with efficient logistics. They abandoned Henry Ford’s “You can have any color you want as long as it’s black” simplified production for computer-controlled multiple choices while schools continued unchanged as a static inventory of all children between five and eighteen years old, an enormous paralysis of human resources. The teachers’ are the last of the mass industrial unions; the planets’ most massive featherbed.

I love that … teachers are “the plants’ most massive featherbed.”

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