A Victory for School Choice

A small victory for vouchers and school choice. The Supreme Court ruled yesterday on a case in Arizona. Basically, Arizona allows residents to send up to $500 to a scholarship fund that they would have otherwise paid in income taxes. This scholarship fund was then being used to fund the education of students at private religious schools. The scholarship raised about $350 million a year. But some people had a problem with this, claiming that it represented the government funding religious education. So the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the scholarship and Arizona. As the Cato Institute explains, this is significant because, “it makes clear that there is a difference between tax credits and government spending; to find that tax money was used for unconstitutional ends here would have assumed that all income is government property until the state allows taxpayers to keep a portion of it.”

One of the keys to preserving our republic is to get our children away from the government during their early formative years … this means school choice for parents who actually care. This decision is just another reason why presidential elections are important … take away some Bush appointments and this doesn’t happen.

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