… it’s spreading. And it’s about durn time. This is a discussion that this country has needed to have for a long while. It’s a shame that it has come at a point when we really don’t have any other options. It’s either allow our states to go broke cowering before the mob mentality and tactics of government worker unions, or start to pull back on the reins and get this sucker under control.

They say that the first step to recovery is realizing that you have a problem. Many of these government employee union workers truly do not understand that there is a problem, that being that their inflated salaries and benefits simply cannot be sustained. It’s just costing the taxpayers too much.

We shouldn’t have allowed the unions to become this strong. Franklin D. Roosevelt warned us against this – told us just what would happen. Deaf ears. This is precisely what you would expect when we have negotiations with managers who have no skin in the game. When government officials negotiate with unions their eye is on reelection. When private sector businessmen negotiate with unions their eye is on their bottom line … maintaining profitability so they can stay in business.

There is no “right” to collective bargaining. The only “right” union members have to their inflated salaries and benefits is through contracts .. contracts that can be abrogated, re-negotiated or rewritten.

Somewhere along the way … whether it was in their government schools or in their homes … these people were raised under the assumption that they worked for a union rather than you – the taxpayers. Do you see the damage this can cause? Do you see how it is nearly impossible to undo this type of thought? But that’s what we are seeing right now in Wisconsin and spreading throughout this nation. As Rick Santorum said, “They are acting like their drug is being taken away from them.” They are addicts that will wither and die without their government administered drugs.

So what’s next for Wisconsin? Well if Governor Scott Walker and the Republicans get their way, other labor groups around the state have hinted that they will endorse a general strike of workers around the state. Won’t that be fun.

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