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Have you heard about this brouhaha happening in Wisconsin right now? The quick version of the story is this … the Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker needs to balance his budget. The state faces a $137 million budget shortfall. So part of his solution is to get the government employee unions in line by removing their collective bargaining rights. Here are some more details.

Gov. Scott Walker wants to help fix state finances by cutting benefits for union workers and wiping away their ability to negotiate over anything but their wages, setting up a potentially explosive battle in the Capitol.

That would mean public worker unions would not have any say on benefits and work rules and would face a new restriction on salary increases as well.

Walker’s bill also would allow public employees to avoid making payments to unions if they don’t join those unions. Now, workers can choose not to join unions, but they must make “fair share” payments similar to dues – a requirement that unions say is needed because all workers benefit from their work at the bargaining table.

So the teachers and their unions are beside themselves. In fact, they organized a collective “sick” day, where so many called in sick that they had to cancel school. Instead, these teachers went to the capital to protest for their ‘rights!’ What’s even worse is that they then encouraged students to join them in protest. Hundreds of high school students joined them. In fact, take a look at this anecdote:

As teachers beamed and offered thanks, student organizers in the hallways handed out signs identifying each as a “future worker, future voter,” proclaiming this was a “Walk out for Walker out,” and calling on the Legislature to “kill this bill.”

Those are your tax dollars at work.

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