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Do you want to know Barack Obama’s grand idea for saving this Republic and getting spending under control?  Closing our “tax gap”?  The tax gap is the difference between the tax that taxpayers should pay and what they actually pay.  Our government estimates that we have a $310 billion tax gap.  So rather than fostering an economic climate that would allow tax revenues to grow or cutting government spending, the Obama administration’s solution is to hire more IRS agents to recover the money that it feels it should be getting.  Seriously!  According to the Wall Street Journal:

The White House is requesting that the most beloved of all government agencies get an additional 5,100 agents next year, no doubt to wring further tax revenue from Americans.  The White House wants to give the IRS a 9.4% raise in fiscal 2012, to $13.28 billion. Reuters reports this would allow for a roughly 5% increase in agency manpower to 100,537, including $460 million more for tax enforcement than in 2010.

 So there you go.  There’s just one agency where Barack Obama wants to INCREASE spending!  Oh and it happens to be our favorite government agency: the IRS.



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