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The White House has launched a seemingly innocuous program at the Department of Labor. This program would provide a toll free number for employees who have complaints about their bosses to call the American Bar Association. Once in contact with the ABA, the workers can get a lawyer to work on their case.

But it gets worse. The Obama machine has nominated officials to oversee this program who have a history with a similar program that once existed in New York. The White House nominated M. Patricia Smith to be the Labor Department’s Solicitor General, along with Lorelei Boylan to be the Administrator of the Department’s Wage and Hour Division. These women have worked together before under former New York governor Eliot Spitzer. At the time, New York had a program called “Wage Watch,” essentially overseen and enforced by Smith and Boylan. Wage Watch was described by Fox Business as, “providing government cover to unions seeking a foot in the door to organize. The program basically enlisted private entities to act as labor market watchdogs over businesses in ‘formal partnerships’ with the state.”

A Heritage Foundation report on the program found … “union activists and community organizers were deputized in the program, giving a way for unions to target unorganized companies, and businesses cried foul, arguing that union activists could cook up false labor violations in order to strong arm businesses into unionizing.”

This is just another way that the Obama administration will be able to empower its precious labor unions. There is no doubt that a federal version of this “Watch Watch” program will enable the labor unions in the same way it did in New York, especially considering the officials the Obama administration has nominated. 

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