Prep defensive ends Michael Reynolds, Javonte Daniel commit to KU

KU’s class is up to 31 at the moment on Rivals. I’m glad to see a lot of DLine recruits filling up the back end of this class as 3 of the last four. DLine was the one area of this class that had been lacking, but Gill and co. have now gone out and brought in multiple players at positions of need. WR seems to be the only position that wasn’t heavily focused on this year, but that is also one of the few positions where KU has some depth because that seemed to be the one position where Mangino’s staff really excelled at recuiting. Chris Omigie has great size at 6’5″, Erick McGriff showed some good potential at the end of the year, DJ Beshears is the best playmaker, Jimmay Mundine has been raved about, and who knows what could happen with Kale Pick with Beaty back to coach him. I do think there could end up being a couple of players that aren’t currently listed as WR’s that end up being moved there, specifically Michael Cummings and Anthony Pierson.

Gill and staff should be commended for putting together a very solid recruiting class with players that can be the building blocks of getting KU back to being a competitive program. Berglund has the makings of being a very good QB, KU is loaded at RB and based on what James Starks has done this postseason for Green Bay, elite RB’s should seriously consider coming to KU because Gill and Long have turned out some pretty good RB’s in their coaching careers. There are a couple of behemoth OLinemen that have the size to be the anchors at both tackles along with some quickness for interior linemen. Julius Green has the makings of being an impact player from day 1. There is good quickness among the LB’s in the class, and a lot of speed in the secondary.

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