ENTREPRENEURS – The True Economic Core of America!

Nothing will lead to increased prosperity of this nation more than the successful entrepreneurs. These folks are the driving force behind our economy and our future. Too bad Barack Obama and the Democrats seem to take pleasure in the demonization of this type of success. The Democrat line: “The only way someone earns enough money to be successful is because they cheated or inherited it! That money would better be served in the hands of poor people, and as the imperial federal government it is our duty to make sure that money is redistributed accordingly!”

When was the last time you went to a poor person for a job? There’s a question that I want you to think about as you read this information from an article in City Journal about entrepreneurs …

… according to the 2000 census, average company size in counties with more than 200,000 people ranged from fewer than ten people (in Pasco County, Florida) to almost 30 (in Suffolk County, Massachusetts, which includes Boston).

What’s more interesting–in fact, remarkable–is how well these measures of entrepreneurship predict the subsequent success of metropolitan areas. Between 1977 and 2007, the American counties with the smallest firms enjoyed employment growth of 150 percent; employment growth in the counties with the biggest firms was one-third of that. Similarly, as an area’s share of employment in recently formed companies rose, employment growth rose as well. In both cases, the impact on payroll growth was almost the same as the impact on employment growth. Entrepreneurial cities are successful cities.

These small business owners .. these are the very people who are going to be raked over the coals with tax increases in 2011; these are the same people who are drowning in regulations that will only get worse under ObamaCare; these are the people who are being pillaged for the sake of Democrat vote-buying schemes. I would rather be living in a city crawling in entrepreneurs than one crawling in welfare recipients. Democrats are trying to make it the other way around. 

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