Can You be a Fiscal Conservative and not be a Social Conservative?

I've said this for a while, the Republicans would be wise to embrace the Tea Party's fiscal conservatism and leave the social stuff by the wayside.  Unfortunately for Jim DeMint, he seems unable and apparently unwilling to do so.  He says, "You can't be a fiscal conservative and not be a social conservative."

Sorry, Senator .. but that's a load of dog squeeze.  You can demand fiscal responsibility without hiding under your bed for fear that a gay couple might drive down your street.  You can control government spending without using the police power of government to force a woman to have a baby she does not wish to have.  Look, Senator.  If homosexuals bother you so much, don't sleep with a guy.  If abortion is so troubling to you, don't have one.  Know this … if the Republican party once again attempts to become the social arbiter and conscience of this Nation .. then the Democrats are going to be in power again all too soon.  One of the reasons the GOP did so well in this election is because – for once – they kept their opinions on purely social issues to themselves.  Start spouting off about people's private lifestyles and personal choices again and I truly hope it will be the end of the Republican Party.  Some 3rd party will have to come in and pick up the pieces. 

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