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Warning: some signs in slideshow have bad words.

There was a lot of buzz over the weekend over this John Stewart-Stephen Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity. A lot more buzz than the ObamaZombies in the media bothered to give to the recent Restoring America rallies. This is simply because the ObamaMedia was a lot more willing to cover the Stewart-Colbert rally … they received more than 1,000 media requests for press credentials. As for the September 12th Tea Party on the Mall … there were only 150 requests for press credentials.

If you want to see pictures of politicians likened to Hitler, you wouldn’t find them at any Tea Party rally … but you did see them at this Rally to Restore Sanity over the weekend. I wonder if the NAACP will do an investigation into these rally-goers. I’m not holding my breath. But the Daily Caller did do some reporting at the event, and it turns out that the attendees were pretty much clueless when it came to knowledge about their representatives in Washington. Here’s a bit from the report from the Daily Caller:

“Most attendees The Daily Caller interviewed at Comedy Central political pundits Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s rally to “Restore Sanity and/or Fear” didn’t know for whom they are voting on November 2. They did, however, know they’re voting Democrat, down the line, because, they said, Republicans don’t fit their mold of “moving forward” in the country.

“For instance, Liz Pifer, a student at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, Pa., told TheDC that though she plans to vote in the midterm elections on Tuesday, she didn’t know who was running for Pennsylvania’s open Senate seat. She later said that she thought Joe Sestak was running, and that she’ll probably vote for him because he’s a Democrat. As for House candidates, she said, “I don’t know who’s running.”

“Tara Formica, a junior in college in New Jersey, told TheDC she’s not sure if she’ll vote on Tuesday, and that “it kind of just depends.” She said she came to the rally Saturday “just to come,” and that she didn’t know who was running in her district.”

Even more dangerous than Barack Obama or any Democrat is an uninformed electorate. One politician cannot do that much damage, but a generation of politicians elected on the basis of “coolness” could destroy this nation. 

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