Markieff returns to drills for KU

“Tyshawn would be our point guard anyway,” Self said. “If you had Josh out there, they could alternate like Russell (Robinson) and Mario (Chalmers) and Sherron (Collins) did.”

I’m looking forward to the exhibition on Tuesday. With Selby out at the very minimum until Nov. 12th and possibly longer, I am very intrigued, excited, and curious on how EJ is going to fit into this entire mix. It’s hard to have a rotation like Russ Rob, Chalmers, and Collins if Taylor is going to have to do it by himself (Just a little fun sarcasm with this last sentence).

I think we all know what Morningstar’s capabilities are and will be, but I think T. Reed has something special for all of us in his final campaign. I think between, EJ, T. Reed, and T. Rob……….those are the players I am most intrigued about this upcoming season.

I know there is some that probably squirmed in their seat when Self said that Taylor would be our point guard anyway, but I really don’t think Taylor is going to have any troubles this season. With his troubles behind him, I firmly believe he will fall back to his roots and play like he did with all that talent around him at St. Anthony’s.

NBA Note:

-Darrell Arthur had a great weekend and has had a great start to the season as a starter for the 2-1 Memphis Grizzlies.

-Pierce is Pierce- 25 and 14 the other night

-Hinrich, Pierce, and Arthur are playing the best of the former Jayhawks, but I hate to say it…….I never thought I would say this but the Wizards getting the classless, overpaid, basketball diva “Agent Zero” back would help Hinrich greatly in the Wizards backcourt. Wall has struggled quite a bit early in the season.

-Gooden-Started the season off great, but has declined in minutes and production over the last two games.

-Jackson-Typical back-up minutes, but has played great his last two games. He single handily gave the Kings a huge spark with 12 points at the end of the first half in their win Friday night.

-Aldrich-Got his first minutes last night in a blow out win and scored 5 points in 11 minutes.

-Collins-Hasn’t made it off the bench this season.

-Wright-He’s not a factor in the Raptors rotation and has gotten minimal minutes (Scrub minutes).

-Rush-2 more games in his suspension. Pacers are playing well and he should be worried he might get left out of the rotation. He’ll have his chance though.

-Collison-Still out with Injury-Hasn’t played this season.

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